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I’ve been a LOOOOOOONG time listener to podcasts of all types. I think like most people if you look at my downloads list you’ll get a pretty good idea of where my interests lie.

The thing I LOVE about podcasts is that they’re easy to consume – meaning when I’m washing dishes, or driving, folding laundry, walking the dog, or out for a run, I can listen away. Sometimes I listen to two or three in a session. They pack a great punch and make some otherwise mundane chores a lot more enjoyable. (Plus I find that I can run FOREVER if my mind is engaged.)

In the last year or so I’ve come across a few business podcasts hosted by women who have really hit it out of the park.  I find their podcasts SO interesting, and inspiring. I’m not sure I’d be here doing what I’m doing, both online and at in the ice rink if it weren’t for these podcasts that have continued to inspire me to look beyond whats right in front of me. SO without much further ado here are the podcasts that I’ve been finding most inspiring lately:

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique podcast – I’ve listened to a lot of Ramsey Solutions podcasts over the years, but this one is just SO inspiring. Christy interviews so many interesting business people and speaks directly to the Work At Home Mom that’s mixing business and family

Ali Brown Glambition Radio – it was in fact one of these podcasts that inspired me to learn to code (episode 130 with Adda Birnir from Skillcrush). Ali interviews amazing female entrepreneurs who’ve totally crushed it. She’s completely down to earth and gets right into the nuts and bolts of running a successful business.

Brilliant Business Moms with Beth Anne – Beth Anne is a fun bubbly podcast host who interviews women that are running Boutique style businesses. These are people that are there, in the trenches, balancing business and family, for the most part the women she interviews are running their businesses on the side while staying home as a full time parent.

There are SO many more great podcasts out there – I have about 10 more business and leadership related podcasts in my feed as I type this out, but these three are the three that have had the most direct influence on me having the boldness to pursue my dreams.

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