Every Business Needs a Website

Yup, you read that right EVERY business NEEDS a website.


What’s the first thing you do when you find a new awesome product that you LOVE? I know what I do, I bring it home and I search it online. Uh huh, it’s true.

I want to know where I can get more of this awesome product and what other great products this business has to offer.

This is ESPECIALLY true when I buy an awesome handmade product from a Boutique style business that I love.

You know who you are. You’re the Mom that’s making soap on the side, or sewing fabulous handmade clothing.

You’re the photographer that’s taking amazing lifestyle shots of families (and weddings and newborns eek!).

You’re the couple that’s refurbishing old furniture and giving it a new and awesome lease on life.

You’re the person that makes great tasting Gluten Free cupcakes that I can order for my kids’ birthday party.

You’re one of the MANY small business owners that’s running a Boutique business on the side, and YOU need a website.

I know I know, Social Media is SO much easier. But, is it really?

When you use Social Media for EVERYTHING you do you’re at the mercy of the platform as to what gets posted in everyone’s feeds, so if they change their algorithms then your posts may not show in your clients feeds.

When you use Social Media platforms for EVERYTHING that awesome post you made detailing all the markets that you’re attending this season gets lost in the feed and your client has to scroll though it all to find it. Or just as bad, even as a sticky post it gets hidden at the top and is only revealed when your client clicks on it (I don’t know about you but I miss those sticky posts ALL the time!)

When you use Social Media platforms for EVERYTHING you run the risk that your page gets shut down if (heaven forbid) someone files a complaint against your business. Then all the content that you’ve spent so much time entering is lost – like gone forever, and they won’t necessarily give you a valid reason as to why. You may never be able to track a real person down to talk to so that you can get back online.

When clients search your business online they don’t want to have to log into a Social Media platform to find you. They want to find a site that tells them who you are, what you’re doing, and where else they can find you and your great products. Whether that’s a brick and mortar store (or garage cause I know that’s how many of you roll in this space), or a list of markets and fairs that you’re attending they want to find that info by simply clicking a page on your site, not by having to scroll through your Social Media feed to see if you’ve posted it anywhere.

Now don’t get me wrong, Social Media has it’s purpose in small businesses. Once people have fallen in love with your product and checked out your site, if you have a link to a Social Media page they’re going to click that link and follow your page to see what’s happening in the day to day runnings of your business but please, do them a favour and ┬áhave an easy to find site where your information is at their finger tips! If that’s directing clients back to a Social Media platform for the most up to date information then that’s great, they’ll be happy to check there, but your clients need to be able to find you online too!

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to set your business up with a legit website then click over to my contact page and give me a shout. I’m one of you, I understand your needs, and I want to help.

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