Time Management

How do I “Make Time”

Ok, so you’re hang’n around and you have this AWESOME business idea and you REALLY want to put it into action, but you don’t know how you’re going to “make” time for it.

Let me tell you I understand!

For years I have wanted to do “something” but I haven’t necessarily been sure of what. I’ve tried numerous things here and there between pregnancies and babies.Ultimately none of them were important enough for me to squeeze them in and eventually they fell to the wayside.

Until Now.

Over the last few months I’ve managed to “make time” for a couple things that are really important to me. Now when I say “make time” I really mean that I have had to re-prioritize my time, cause really when you think about it I can’t wave a magic wand and create more time. If I want to do something and it’s important enough to me then I have to prioritize my time to fit it in.

The crazy thing is that I have, and I’m happier for it, and you can too!

We all lead busy lives these days. Truthfully the expected level of busyness that seems to normal in our culture makes me insane. It’s no wonder people burn out (I’ll save my rant about busyness for another post).

Part of my journey to prioritizing my time better is learning not to give in to the narrative of “I can’t, I’m too busy.” It would be easy to do. I find it way easier to say yes to everyone else and then say no to myself and my own desires. As a Mom that seems to be the expectation. I have had to make a concerted effort not to allow myself to live in the ongoing narrative of “I’m just so busy.” I have had to work hard at accepting that life is busy when you have three little kids (or two, or seven, or one, or none).

When I accept this then I can then focus on keeping myself healthy and engaged. I can prioritize the daily tasks and requirements without feeling overwhelmed and in a much more peaceful and stress free manner.  It also frees up the energy for me to prioritize myself!

Prioritize Myself!

Ok, I  said it. I have to prioritize myself. GASP! I know all you Mom’s out there who are feeling lost in the middle of your crazy family lives just sat down and poured yourselves another cup of coffee so that you could really take that one in.

Running this business, and pursuing coaching figure skating required me prioritizing myself.

I’m a pleaser by nature, and tend to put everyone else first at the expense of my own needs. In someways that’s the normal expectation of Moms in our culture, but it’s not healthy, and it needs to change.

A year ago I found myself with a young infant and two small kids. I was LOST. I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, or how I’d come to this place.

I felt like a drudge.

Every hour of my day and many hours of my nights were spent meeting the needs of these three precious little people. I love them dearly, but I didn’t feel like a person anymore. I woke up every morning not sure of how I was going to make it through the day (prayer and the Grace of God got me through!). I think this is a sad but very true reflection of motherhood in our culture right now, and it’s not right.

Thankfully I have an awesome man, and he saw (and had been seeing) trouble on the horizon. He knows me, and he knew this wasn’t sustainable. He recognized my need to prioritize me and to do some things that I enjoy, that make me feel real. Things that enable me to carry on a conversation about something other than my kids – yes there is MORE to talk about!

So we started this journey of me finding something that makes me tick. The most natural thing was for me to go back to skating. It was the love of my youth, and I have missed skating from the day I stepped off the ice and went to college. That said, he still had to practically PUSH me out the door to go to my first coaching course, but he got me there, and it was gold. I felt real again. I felt fire in my life. I felt that passion reignite in my soul. AND most importantly I felt confident in myself! Like I mattered. Like I have something valuable to offer other than grilled cheese sandwiches and yogurt for lunch!

As I’ve continued to pursue coaching, and now web I’ve had to re-prioritize my time.

This doesn’t mean that I waved a wand and created more hours in my week.

Find Creative Solutions

I have had to find creative solutions to using my time more effectively in order to accomplish my goals. It means early mornings (I’ve been sitting at our kitchen table now since 4:30am, and it’s 6am). It means not zoning out on social media and instead reading books that will push my knowledge forward. It means responding to emails while I nurse the baby or sit on the couch under a sleeping child. (But still also taking time to enjoy the snuggles cause they’re only little once!). It means finding creative childcare and homeschool options for my three kids. It means spending my evenings doing something more productive than watching TV.

The thing is, it’s CRAZY how much time you really have if you start to prioritize and use it effectively. I’m amazed at how much I manage to get done when I make a list and follow the schedule that I’ve laid out for myself (to the best of my ability, cause 3 kids).

How about you? Is there an idea that’s been sitting in the back of your mind waiting to be hatched when you “make time.” I challenge you to do it now. Prioritize it. Bring it to the forefront, hatch it. Get it off the ground. You’ll be happier for it!

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